News By Category: Physical Development

Getting the streets of Golden Valley clear and safe for traffic is a top priority for snow plow drivers during a storm, and sometimes the public makes plowing more difficult than it needs to be. Public awareness of these hazards of can make the process better and safer for all involved. Read More

City crews had a packed spring, summer, and fall of road construction projects, completing some and making progress on others. Meanwhile, City engineers are already planning and designing projects to begin as early as spring 2019. Read More

It takes less than one teaspoon of salt to pollute nearly five gallons of water. Once that water is polluted, it is nearly impossible to turn back. This winter think twice before loading your driveway with salt to help protect local waterways. Read More

About 80 percent of what gets thrown away this time of year can be recycled or even reused, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Help Golden Valley minimize its waste with these simple steps. Read More

City staff along with members of the Golden Valley Environmental Commission and the Golden Valley League of Women Voters recently toured Republic Services Minneapolis Recycling Center, to learn about issues that occur when recycling guidelines aren’t followed. Read More

An open house is scheduled at City Hall Dec 5, 6 pm-8 pm, to discuss Hennepin County’s plans for paving Glenwood Ave between Hwy 100 and Thomas Ave in Minneapolis. Read More

The City would like to remind residents to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of City snowplow drivers and the general public. Read More

Forecasters are predicting up to an inch of snow by the morning of Nov 9. City crews spent Thur, Nov 8 applying an anti-icing solution to the hills and main roads and will be monitoring road conditions into the morning.

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From Nov 1-March 31, parking is prohibited on Golden Valley public streets and alleys from 2-6 am daily. Parking is also prohibited on any public street after a snowfall of at least two inches until the snow has been plowed to the curb line. Read More

The City hosted a Waste Hauling Forum Oct 29 to offer insights from a panel that included waste hauling companies and communities with different waste hauling systems. Many residents attended to voice concerns and pose questions to the panel. Read More