News By Category: Crime Alerts

The Golden Valley Police Department is seeing an increase in calls for service as well as reported incidents, including residential burglaries and thefts, in all neighborhoods of Golden Valley. Read More

In the last two weeks, the Golden Valley Police Department has seen an increase in reported residential crimes, specifically in the northeast (Zone 6) corner of the city. These incidents have all occurred overnight. Read More

Golden Valley Police arrested a juvenile Dec 28 for involvement in larger group of individuals selling fraudulent entertainment tickets on Craigslist. Read More

Yesterday morning, Golden Valley officers arrested a 15-year-old suspect in connection with the thefts from autos that occurred over the weekend of Dec 10-11. Read More

The Golden Valley Police Department has issued a crime alert after several incidents of theft from vehicles were reported over the weekend. Read More

In the past few days, the Golden Valley Police Department has taken several reports of theft from vehicles. Thieves are stealing miscellaneous items such as briefcases, laptop computers, checkbooks, stereo equipment, and small electronics. Read More

As of March 25, 2011, panhandler suspect Mark Christopher Bell has a warrant for his arrest for failure to appear in court. The Golden Valley Police Department has had eight contacts with Bell since Read More

On the evening of Tuesday, March 1, 2011, Golden Valley police arrested Mark Christopher Bell for soliciting without a permit after a resident called to report Bell was going door-to-door Read More

Golden Valley Police have recently received numerous reports of an individual going door-to-door to both residences and businesses in the city asking for money. He often states he needs money to get his vehicle out of impound Read More