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The morning of Oct 22, City crews are repairing a water main near the corner of Boone Ave N and Winsdale St. Water has been shut off in the area since 9:45 am and the repair will be restored with three to five hours.

The morning of Oct 20, City crews began repairing a water main in front of in front of 3350 Kyle Ave N. The repair will take roughly four to six hours.

The City began its fall street sweeping Mon, Oct 18 to clean up leaves and other debris before the first snowfall. Read More

Based on Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) data, the City of Golden Valley is lifting its current water restrictions. Moving forward, there are no water use restrictions for residential or commercial properties in Golden Valley. Read More

Although outdoor water use has tapered off over the last month, the City of Golden Valley plans to keep current watering restrictions through Oct 15. Read More

The morning of Sept 30, City crews began repairing a water main in front of 1405 Zealand Ave. The water main break affects nine homes, and the repair will take roughly four to six hours.

While Golden Valley residents have been doing an overall good job with the current water use restrictions, now is not the time to give up. The drought still remains, and it takes dedication from all residents and businesses to keep the city from imposing further restrictions. Read More

This drought is a perfect opportunity to reassess the amount of water you use in your home. With EyeOnWater you can not only view, but understand your water usage with consumption graphs and you can track usage and establish alerts to detect high usage caused by a leaky toilet, sprinkler system, or something similar. Read More

City crews will begin work on the Medley Park community gardens this month. Initial steps will include removal of the net, light pole, old landscape, and sun shelter as well as surface leveling if the fall weather allows. Read More

The amount of rain received over the weekend was just enough to keep the City of Golden Valley from implementing further water use restrictions. For now the City is asking its residents to remain on an odd/even sprinkling restriction until further notice. Read More