News By Category: Voting and Elections

Golden Valley residents are to vote at their regular polling place for the March 3 Presidential primary. Read More

For residents looking to cast their ballot before the March 3 primary election, City Hall will be open Sat, Feb 29, 10 am–3 pm, and Monday, March 2, until 5 pm. Read More

Residents coming to Precinct 3 (Meadowbrook Elementary) to vote in the March 3 Presidential primary will only be able to park and enter the building in designated areas. Read More

Golden Valley residents can vote in the Presidential primary early Mon–Fri, 8 am–4:30 pm at City Hall before absentee voting ends March 2, 5 pm. Read More

Precinct caucuses will be held Feb 25, 2020. To find the location of your precinct caucus and learn more about the process, visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website. Read More

Minnesota’s first Presidential primary election in nearly 30 years is one month away, and those who aren’t voting absentee can vote at their regular polling place on March 3. Precinct 3 voters must follow traffic signs to enter the polling place. Read More

Absentee voting begins today for the March 3 Presidential Primary Election. Registered voters can vote by mail or in person at City Hall before Election Day instead of at their polling place. Read More

March 3, 2020 will be Minnesota’s first Presidential primary election in nearly 30 years. Absentee voting begins Jan 17. Read More

The Golden Valley City Council will have two new members, Kimberly Sanberg and Maurice Harris, and a returning incumbent mayor, Shep Harris, when it reconvenes in the new year. Read More

Election results for the Nov 5 City election will be posted after 8:30 pm on the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website. City results will also be published on the City website the morning of Nov 6. Read More