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Although plastic is a versatile material with many uses, it is also concerning as it presents health risks, contributes to litter and pollution, and is hard to dispose of. Some of the worst forms are packaging and single-use plastics like straws and grocery bags. Hennepin County’s latest environmental initiative aims at getting its residents to stop using these materials. Read More

Golden Valley’s annual fall clean-up events start Oct 10 with a few extra guidelines to help protect the safety of residents and staff. Read More

Stop throwing away the food you buy and take Hennepin County’s Stop Food Waste Challenge. Read More

Hennepin County residents are encouraged to take the Zero Waste Challenge for an in-depth look at the goods they buy and the waste created in hopes of finding new opportunities to recycle and reduce waste. Read More

At its June 9 work session, the Golden Valley City Council gave staff direction to move forward with a curbside organics collection program based on recommendations by the City’s Environmental Commission. Read More

The City of Golden Valley is accepting feedback on the virtual Organics Open House until May 20. Read More

The City’s textile hauling service, Simple Recycling, is now operating in Golden Valley after a temporary cease in operations due to COVID-19. Read More

After some initial changes in service due to COVID-19, Republic Services’ operations are back to normal for the most part. Republic is still only accepting materials placed inside carts. Read More

The City of Golden Valley posted a virtual Organics Recycling Open House on YouTube that residents can watch on their own time. The City is also offering an online comment box for residents to ask questions about organics recycling and the open house.
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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Simple Recycling, the City’s textile hauling service, has temporarily ceased operations in Golden Valley for the foreseeable future. Read More