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The rules about what can and can’t be recycled seem like they are constantly changing, and they more or less are. Overall, Golden Valley residents and Minnesotans in general are good at recycling. They have significantly lower contamination rates than elsewhere in the country. Hennepin County’s Recycle Smart campaign aims to help residents recycle smarter by knowing what can go in the recycling cart and by keeping problem items out. Read More

The rules about what can and can’t be recycled seem like they are constantly changing, and they more or less are. Staying informed is the best thing Golden Valley residents can do to make sure they’re recycling the correct items. Read More

Golden Valley’s recycling program includes a three-week curbside brush pick-up in May. The annual brush pick-up gives homeowners the opportunity to place tree limbs and brush at their curbs for collection and disposal.

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At last night’s meeting, the City Council adopted a first consideration ordinance to limit the number of licensed waste haulers in Golden Valley. Read More

Every spring after the snow melts, trash and other waste is often left on sidewalks and in streets and parks. City crews and volunteers do a great job keeping our parks and public areas picked up, and we encourage residents to help out if they see a need.
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A recent audit of Golden Valley’s recycling done by Republic Services, the City’s recycling provider, showed a contamination of needles in the material. The contamination caused a shutdown of operations at the recycling facility due to a health and safety concern for employees. The City of Golden Valley and Republic Services would like to take this opportunity to remind residents about what can and cannot be recycled. Read More

At its March 19 meeting, the City Council authorized a contract for a curbside textile recycling program for Golden Valley, beginning early summer 2019. Read More

Republic Services is closed Jan 30 and will operate with a two hour late start Jan 31 due to the cold weather. Therefore, recycling pick up will be delayed by one day this week. Read More

Republic Services Trash Service subscribers will receive free holiday tree pick up this year. Read More

About 80 percent of what gets thrown away this time of year can be recycled or even reused, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Help Golden Valley minimize its waste with these simple steps. Read More