2020 United States Census

The United States Census Bureau records a census every 10 years. Results help make decisions that affect people everywhere, like the assignment of US Congressional Districts and the allocation of federal funding to local governments and school districts. Participation in the census is required by federal law. By April 1, 2020 every home in the country will receive instructions to participate in the 2020 Census. Responses can be given online, by phone, or by mail.

Why The Census Matters

Individually speaking, completing the US Census could be seen as something you’re required to do; however, as a collective group of Minnesotans, the census means much more.


One of the heftier items the US Census decides is allocation of money. Federal funding given to states, counties, and cities is largely based on population totals and the demographics of that population. This means when everyone responds to the census, it helps ensure Minnesota gets its fair share of federal funding for infrastructure improvements, Medicaid and Medicare assistance for low income and older populations, and more.


Census data also helps urban planners decide where to build roads, schools, public safety stations, senior living facilities, hospitals, and much more. For Golden Valley, the data could help decide future recreation opportunities for the City or if a better balance of housing options is needed.


Collected data also assists local and national businesses in locating new stores, factories, and offices. This could mean more jobs created in Minnesota, thus benefiting the local economy.


Reapportioning of the 435 United States congressional districts happens every 10 years, and the census directs that process. Based on recorded populations, Minnesota could lose or gain a district, thus affecting the state's representation in Washington.

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