Mighty Tidy Clean-Up Day

old green couch

Golden Valley's annual Mighty Tidy Clean-Up Day was established to provide residents a monitored site to dispose of items that they no longer use and that cannot be donated, such as old mattresses and sofas, broken bicycles, ancient appliances, unwanted tires, and outdated electronics (computers and televisions).

How It Works

2021 Mighty Tidy
Clean-Up Day

Sat, Oct 9
8 am–1 pm
Brookview Park

Credit card or check*
*Checks payable to
City of Golden Valley

Enter Brookview Parkway from the north along Winnetka Ave (see map). Workers collect the appropriate fee (credit card or check) and direct residents to the appropriate lot. These items are accepted:

  • Paper shredding, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, electronics, computers, appliances, TVs, scrap metal, sofas, chairs, mattresses, and miscellaneous items (construction debris, lumber, swing sets, bricks, etc), and tires

Paper Shredding

One of the best ways to combat identity theft is through the safe and secure destruction of personal documents. Bring papers loose in a paper bag (boxes will be returned to you). Staples and paper clips are ok. No binders or plastic material (computer disks, CDs, etc) will be accepted. Available for residents only and not businesses or other commercial enterprises.


Consider donating reusable items to a local charity. Donations are tax-deductible at the fair market value of each item. For donation options in the area, go to www.hennepin.us/choose-to-reuse and click "Donate."


  • No hazardous waste (used motor oil, asbestos, cleaning solvents, pool chemicals, etc) are accepted.
  • The Golden Valley Mighty Tidy Clean-Up Day is open only to Golden Valley residents, and proof of residency will be required at the entrance.
  • **Face masks are strongly encouraged.

  • **Payment accepted by check or credit card (checks payable to City of Golden Valley).

  • **To follow social distancing guidelines, you must stay in your vehicle at all times. Please place materials in back seat, trunk, truck bed, or trailer for safe unloading by staff.

Acceptable Items and Fees

Paper Shredding - $2/paper bag or banker's box


  • Cellphone and laptop batteries: $1/each
  • Alkaline batteries: $1 per 5
  • Lead-acid and all other batteries: $5/each

Fluorescent Bulbs

  • CFL (household): $1/each
  • 4-foot long or less: $1/each
  • Longer than 4 feet: $2/each
  • U-bent: $2/each
  • HID lamps: $5/each


  • Non-Television: $5/each
  • Peripherals (anything that attaches to electronic devices but is not a power source): $1/each
  • Computer Monitors/ TVs
    • CRT (Old TVs): $25/each
    • Flat Panel: $10/each


  • If one typical person can carry it (microwave, dehumidifier, mini-refrigerator): $10/each
  • Other (dishwasher, dryer, freezer, range/stove, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater): $20/each

Scrap Metal

  • Clean: free
  • Other (bikes, etc): $5/each (No exercise bikes or treadmills)

Bulk/Miscellaneous Items

  • Box spring/chair: $20
  • Misc (trash, construction debris, etc): $30/cubic yard, $15/half cubic yard (No hazardous materials)
  • Couch/mattress: $25


  • With rims: $7/each
  • Without rims: $5/each