Planned Unit Development

Golden Valley's Planned Unit Development (PUD) application process is officially regulated as a part of the City Code's Zoning Chapter (Section 113-123: Planned Unit Development). All PUD applicants receive a copy of the code and are expected to familiarize themselves with it.

There are two stages of application for PUDs: the Preliminary Plan and the Final Plan. Each stage comes complete with its own paperwork and fee, as well as similar but not identical steps.

State law requires cities to design certain processes so that approval can be achieved within a 60-day time frame. For purposes of that law, each PUD application stage is considered a separate approval process.

Preliminary Plan approval is similar to a basic rezoning; it establishes that the broad concept for a PUD is appropriate for the selected location. Final Plan approval establishes the specific conditions on which the individual PUD permit will be based.