Right-of-Way & Corner Visibility

The City owns a portion of the land between the street and people's homes. This area, called a boulevard, is public land because it falls within the right-of-way (ROW). ROW, which includes the street and boulevard area, is land specifically dedicated for public purposes, such as street and utility work.

Right of WayThe City uses the boulevard to maintain and construct roadways, sidewalks, sewer lines, gas lines, phone lines, and other utilities and to store snow.

The size of the boulevard adjacent to a property depends on the size of the dedicated ROW, the width of the street, and the location of the street within the ROW. The majority of streets in Golden Valley have a ROW of either 50 or 60 feet. For example: if the ROW is 60 feet and the street is 30 feet wide and centered on the ROW, then the boulevard on each side of the street would measure 15 feet. This is very common in Golden Valley but not the case for every street.

Managing ROW

Property owners are required to mow and maintain the boulevard area adjacent to their property.

To provide for the health, safety, and well being of its citizens, and to ensure the integrity of its streets and the appropriate use of the ROW, the City of Golden Valley strives to keep all ROW in good repair and free from unnecessary obstructions. To uphold these standards, the City imposes reasonable regulations on current and future placement and maintenance of equipment and facilities within the ROW. These are intended to complement the regulatory roles of state and federal agencies, which grant the City authority to manage all ROW within its jurisdiction.

Golden Valley's City Code provides regulations for managing excavations and obstructions in the City ROW. In addition to utilities, the City Code addresses three specific areas related to ROW management: trees and plantings, construction of sidewalks and driveways, and corner visibility.

  1. Trees & Plantings
  2. Sidewalk & Driveway Construction
  3. Corner Visibility
  4. Wireless Facilities
  5. ROW Permits