Buying, Selling or Renting Out Your Home

Have the Property Inspected

Because the City of Golden Valley doesn't require point-of-sale inspections (with the exception of sanitary sewer service inspection for properties that do not have a Certificate of Inflow & Infiltration (I/I) Compliance), you may want to contract with a private home inspection service (check the Yellow Pages) before purchasing any Golden Valley home. Make sure the property has a Certificate of Sanitary Sewer Service Compliance from the City.

Check City Records on Allowable Additions / Remodeling

If you plan to remodel or build an addition, you must meet all City permit requirements. Check City files for an "as-built" survey (Inspections Division, 763-593-8090) or ask the property owner if such a survey exists. If the property does not meet existing setbacks from the property line, a variance may be needed to construct the proposed improvements. Check with the Planning Division by calling 763-593-8095 for variance information.

Check City Code for Rental Restrictions

Before buying a house with rental possibilities, be sure to check all aspects of the City's zoning code. Some properties are marketed as duplexes or auxiliary rental units when they aren't, and residents who think they have a legal rental situation don't. Call Planning at 763-593-8095.

Check Home Occupation Restrictions

If you work out of your home or are considering it, check with the Planning Division at 763-593-8095 for regulations.

Get Information on Crime Statistics

Look at recent crime maps for statistics on crime in the City and its specific neighborhoods.

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