Medley Park Improvements

The City of Golden Valley is making amenity updates and stormwater improvements to Medley Park. 

Stormwater Ponding Project

The Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission (BCWMC) and the City of Golden Valley completed a study in 2021 and are now working on the design and construction of a stormwater improvement project in the western portion of Medley Park.

The project includes opportunities for community engagement to help guide the design of the new stormwater facilities and the associated landscaping and amenities in this valuable park and open space.

In fall 2022 the Stormwater Ponding Project will begin in the northwest quadrant of the park and continue through the spring of 2023.

Learn more on the project page.

Community Garden

Construction on the garden began fall 2021 and will continue through Dec 2022. The garden is expected to be open by the spring 2023 planting season.

Learn more on the project page.

Hockey Rink Board Replacement

The outdoor hockey rink will be removed, replaced, and ready to open for the winter rink season in December 2022.