Natural Resources Management Plan

Golden Valley's Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) guides decision-makers and staff on how to best manage the community’s natural resources (water, land, vegetation, and wildlife) based on its vision, goals, objectives, and policies. It helps determine actions to preserve, protect, restore, and enhance Golden Valley’s nature areas and open spaces (PDF).

City of Golden Valley Natural Resources Management Plan


Developing The NRMP

Work on the NRMP began in 2012, with the City guiding University of Minnesota students on a capstone project titled “Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Golden Valley.” The Environmental Commission then made the NRMP its top priority, completing it in time for the City to begin work on its 2018 Comprehensive Plan update.

Plans called for the NRMP to include objectives, policies, and an implementation program identifying specific and achievable projects. Components include:

  • prioritizing areas to preserve or enhance
  • developing management strategies and action plans for specific natural areas, including invasive species management
  • identifying partnerships and grant opportunities to help the City achieve its natural resource objectives
  • identifying opportunities to provide natural resource education and community involvement, including volunteer opportunities

The NRMP process included input from a community members survey with questions about nature areas/open spaces visited, level of satisfaction with the quality of these areas, what changes may improve them, and what may be most effective in protecting them.

The survey also determined levels of interest in volunteer opportunities related to maintaining and enhancing Golden Valley’s nature areas and willingness to share photos of these areas with the City.


Questions about the NRMP can be emailed to Eric Eckman, the City’s project manager, or by calling 763-593-8084.