Downtown Study Phase II

Phase II of the Downtown Study focused on establishing a small area plan. This included an overall vision and guiding principles for preferred redevelopment and placemaking in the downtown core, potential redevelopment concepts for each quadrant of the downtown, and a more detailed bike/walk network plan.

Downtown Golden Valley Concepts

At an October 2019 community open house, high-level concepts were presented for each of the four quadrants in an effort to spur conversation with residents and business owners and seek feedback around what this privately-owned land could look like at some point in the future. Key maps and images shared at the open house, along with brief video explanations, are included below.

With input from those who attended the open house or through the online comment form, HKGi produced a Phase II report in January 2020.

While most of the properties in the area are privately owned, future regulations could help shape the layout and character of redevelopment. City and County property on the City Hall campus could also be guided by the plan being created.

  1. Active Transportation Opportunities
  2. Redevelopment & Reinvestment Opportunities
  3. Southwest Quadrant
  4. Northeast Quadrant
  5. Northwest Quadrant
  6. Southeast Quadrant

Phase III

Phase III of the study will begin to analyze infrastructure needs, staging and timing of potential redevelopment, and financial tools that could be utilized to support the vision. The eventual outcome of the study is anticipated to be a Small Area Plan that would be included with the City's 2040 Comprehensive Plan. View the Phase III plan online.