Transportation & Transit

Shared Scooters/Bicycles

Since 2018, the City of Golden Valley has welcomed the deployment of shared mobility vehicles such as bicycles and scooters. The City allows up to two providers to obtain annual licenses to deploy scooters in Golden Valley and limits the total number of scooters to no more than 200. 

Electric scooters provide a fun, sustainable, and affordable way for people to travel around and experience Golden Valley. They can be used on roads and in bike lanes and have a maximum speed of 15 mph. Scooters must not be parked in a way that impedes pedestrians, building entrances, driveways, or parking areas. Riders are required to be 18 years  old or older to access the scooters. Riders are also encouraged to wear a helmet on every ride and required to obey all standard rules of the road.

Bird Scooters

Bird, Inc is licensed by the City to deploy scooters throughout Golden Valley in 2022. Bird offers a variety of payment methods access its scooters (even if you don’t use a smartphone), including free rides for healthcare workers and emergency personnel and discounted pricing for seniors, veterans, and those using assistance programs. For more information, see Bird’s website at   

To report improperly parked or damaged scooters, or for questions or concerns about scooters, contact Bird Rides, Inc at 1-866-205-2442 or

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